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There is always room for change, but you have to be open to that change.

The Yoga Kawa Vision

At Yoga Kawa we truly believe that when the yoga practice is integrated into your daily lives, in your everyday environment, the real transformation you seek unfolds. The healing and transformational power of yoga should not only be attained by travelling to a yoga studio.

When yoga is practiced at home or the work environment, the calm and rejuvenating energy can blossom and grow at where you need the most. You will not need to “escape” from the real world.

It is our mission to connect high-quality yoga teachers beyond yoga facilities and naturally integrate it into your daily and essential routine in life – workplace, sweet homes and special events.

Top Corporate Wellness Services Company in Canada

Yoga Kawa, a leading provider of corporate wellness programs, has been recognized as the Top Corporate Wellness Services Company in Canada by Manage HR Magazine.

This recognition was awarded to Yoga Kawa for our dedication to improving workplace productivity and promoting employee well-being through innovative wellness initiatives. Our mission is to empower employees to transform their way of thinking using love, compassion, and appreciation.

Why Yoga Kawa?

In Japanese, Kawa means river.

River symbolism has been an integral part of human civilization. Rivers can represent the natural flow of nature and the power of time. The nature of river as moving body of water can find its way through almost any kind of physical barrier until it unites with the vast ocean. The river’s movement is constant and ever changing. During its journey to the ocean, the water moistens the soil along the passage, supporting life alone the way.

From this symbolism, Yoga Kawa is born.

We see yoga as that important life-giving nourishment that is meant to be weaved into our live routines naturally. Empowered, just like the river, we can complete all the changing twists and turns of the life journey finally pouring into the peaceful ocean.

This is our basis for a happier and healthier future, built on natural integration of yoga philosophy and practice into life outside of the studio.