Condo Yoga Classes

Win the hearts of your residents by building a sense of community while catering to their growing health and wellness needs. Offering diverse yoga classes regularly is a low-cost, modern and innovative way to emphasize the incredible convenience and comfort they have in their building.

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Yoga Kawa’s condo services

We bring your condo space to life

Yoga and Fitness classes are essential amenities to the condo lifestyle. There is almost nothing better than being able to walk to your yoga class for a sense of calmness and peace in the stormy winter, without putting on all your heavy winter gears. We pride ourselves on letting condo residents living large by bringing essential wellness programs to where they call home.

From crafting a program, teacher selection to the exact posture sequence of the class, we ensure that every step of tailoring the class has your goals and your residents’ needs in mind.

We can help you create a sense of happiness & wellness in your condo building

Bring your condo space alive with a sense of happiness & well-being through yoga and a variety of fitness classes! We can create classes or a wholesome program that will engage your residents and the community, and cultivates happy, peaceful and positive energy even outside the fitness room.

Classes are tailored to your community’s needs & goals

Working not only with the condo layout, space and environment, we will be extra thoughtful of the demographics and needs of the residents. From crafting a program, teacher selection to the exact posture sequence of the class, we ensure that every step of tailoring the class has your goal and your resident’s need in mind.

We bring the program to you. No chaos. No delays. No excuses.

Give us a time and place and we will there to adapt yoga, pilates, yoga-lates and meditation to your, building, residents, time and space. If your building is completely new to a wellness program , our team will not only help with the program design, but your team can also count on us to support you all the way from planning, internal communication, coordination, measuring and tracking, to celebrating and appreciating your residents for your investment in their health.

Yoga Kawa’s Promise

If you’re not satisfied, we are not satisfied

Fun classes, friendly environment, professional instructors and refreshed employees, every single time. We want you to be completely satisfied with every program designed by us. Period! If you are not satisfied with our 1st class, whether it’s the experience or the result of it, simply let us know and we won’t expect you to pay. (But we would appreciate a note describing why you weren’t satisfied so we can improve the next time). That’s our commitment and guarantee to you, so that you can choose us with confidence!

​All our teachers are certified

Instructors & teachers from Yoga Kawa are all certified to teach their passion as a professional, not as a mere hobby. Whether it’s our Yoga teacher or Pilates instructor, they are coupled with up-to-date First Aid & CPR certifications as well.

All Yoga teachers from Yoga Kawa are experienced teachers with a minimum of a 200-hour certification from highly esteemed Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) programs, such as Yoga Kawa’s own Yoga Teacher Training.

Proper teacher insurance coverage

We’ve got you covered! Our teachers and instructors are independent contractors for your business.

They carry the coverage type that will protect against risks inherent to Yoga and Pilates instructions, including bodily injuries, property damages and legal claims.

Neither you nor our teachers have to worry about anything else beside moving your business forward with our stress-free win-win program.

Our Yoga Students Love Us

“Echo is not a yoga teacher. She is the mentor who will guide your from a regular practice to a deeper and more meaningful life experience. Her boundless love for people combined with her exceptional intuition make her a true master of this ancient art.”
Interior Design
“Yoga class with Echo is the highlight of my week. I have reignited my love for yoga after 5 years when I stepped into Echo’s class. She helped me discover my strength, motivation and passion for my health again.”
Nadia M.

Condo yoga uniquely designed for your residents

Contact us today for condo wellness classes & programs where we discuss creating a mindful living space, and teach residents how to integrate wellness, such as yoga & pilates, into their daily lives.

Yoga services trusted by the world’s best