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Corporate puppy yoga

Puppy Yoga for Workplace is Brilliant

“Paw’s Up if you are ready for one of the best days at work, ever?”

This is one of the most fun, unique and creative classes from Yoga Kawa that is guaranteed to leave your team feeling refreshed, happy, energized and ready to return to execute their best work. Puppies Yoga by Yoga Kawa is a sure way to improve employee’s wellbeing, help combat stress, reduce anxiety and encourage team building.

Contact us today to see how we can bring immersive puppy yoga classes and programs to your office and give your team members a chance to get away from their desk, relax, re-energize, and return to their day with less tension on the body and big smiles on their faces.


Why corporate puppy yoga is awesome


Paw’s Up if you are ready for one of the best days at your office, ever?

Science Based Pawsitive Effect

Even in the most conscientious organization, the working schedule can be very stressful for the team and affect their mood, energy and mental health. Scientific studies have shown positive effects from activities involving interaction with pets, with decreasing blood pressure and reduced cortisol levels as a result. That’s why puppy yoga is a brilliant idea! By bringing together these two fantastic activities, puppy plus yoga is a proven and sure way to increase the well-being, focus, energy and team spirit at your workplace.

Encourage trust and communication through Fun Team Interaction

Globally, 30% of employees feel they don’t have enough interaction with their colleagues and some may even feel isolated at work. When you have a fun and joyous environment that has giggles echoing in a puppy yoga class, everyone in the session will feel more relaxed and connected. The loveable puppies will circle through the team, wiggling their nose into hands, necks and hair, asking for cuddles and kisses while bringing out the fun, compassionate, relaxed and happy team that you might have never seen before!

Increase compassion within your Workplace

Compassion is a powerful moral emotion that encourages us to collaborate with one another. Compassion may seem like a distant idea when the workplace schedule is busy and rushed, which leaves your team feeling distracted and disconnected. Puppies are known to be master teachers of (self) compassion and puppy yoga can make (self) compassion an intimate and instant reality.

Interacting, playing and caring for innocent, loving and playful puppies is a warm, comfortable and joyful experience that will cultivate connected presence and kindness within your team. Especially when it is combined with yoga poses that help open up an aching tight body. Self compassion is also a common result of these impressiveness sensory experiences as your team cultivates compassion for the sweet puppies. It is as simple as pausing and remembering these kind, playful and loving qualities within oneself through a fun puppy yoga play.

A Better Planet with Puppy Socialization

We all love a win-win scenario and that’s what puppy yoga is! Not only do we only invite puppies from ethical and registered breeders that we carefully vetted ourselves, puppy yoga offers a fabulous socialization environment that prepares the puppies for their new homes. Proper socialization stops fear before it starts. Otherwise it may turn into anxiety and defensiveness towards any unfamiliar people, sounds or environment in the future.

Your team will be given all the guidelines on how to provide the best socialization and safe space possible for the young puppies to exercise, play and do whatever they like with the new friends they meet. Most importantly, the puppies will understand and remember the gentle and loving touches from humans in a controlled environment, where they are observed and cared for at all times. This creates a better life for people and the puppies on this planet!

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Giving back Threefold

When you pick Yoga Kawa to host your puppy yoga, not only are you giving back to your team, supporting the welfare and integration of the puppies to their new home, you will also be supporting animal shelters and animal sanctuaries. For each class booked we donate to local animal shelters, animals sanctuaries and rescues.

Ready for a unique and unforgettable team building day or wellness program?

Innovative companies have long known that a switching off is essential to switching on creativity. Our puppy yoga classes provide a great “switch off” from mental stressor, analysis paralysis and can also lower blood pressure and decrease stress related hormone cortisol.

Allowing your employees to be fully present through sitting, cuddling and playing with puppies has a wonderful effect on a person. Now, add to that with yoga posture to help stretch the body and loosen the tight knots,how can one not switch off from deadlines that are piling up or letting go of meetings that have been challenging? Especially when one is covered in puppies in a savasana pose.

Let us know how we can integrate puppy yoga in your employee wellness program, back-to-office homecoming events, or team building events. The responses have always been phenomenal.

We offer our corporate puppy yoga classes in Toronto and Vancouver. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information today.

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Book puppy love for someone special

Relaxation yoga and fun Interaction with these happy, innocent, and sentient puppies are a perfect way to spend the day, whether it’s for your own yoga practice, spending time with friends, parents who are looking for different way to connect with their young ones, or deep bonding for couples in love.

Smile and giggles always echo throughout the class!

Glad you made it to this section of the page, we are delighted that you are interested in attending our yoga with puppies classes and want to know more. Many of you who attend are animal and puppy lovers and we understand that you may have some questions about our little friends.

In our classes, the puppies are our #1 priority.

We work with licensed breeders who are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. These breeders also appreciate the yoga with puppies events as opportunities to socialize their puppies for developing good behaviors. Our fluffy friends are carefully chosen so that they are at a healthy stage of development and would be comfortable to interact with humans.

When our furry friends are invited to participate, they would have already been micro chipped, de-wormed, vaccinated and between the age of 3.5 months and 1 year. What else? Because of the importance of bio security of the puppy is paramount to the wellness of our furry friends, the classrooms are cleaned prior their entry with safe chemicals that are in alignment with the bio security measure as per the breeder.

The puppies will be under constant care and supervision from the breeder and our onsite event managers to ensure students pet, play and cuddle safely with the puppies. At the same time, puppies have a constant access to the essentials – food, water, toys, means to relief themselves. (Well, they are puppies, so sometimes, they will make ‘accidents’..but our managers and the breeder will help with the clean up!). Lastly, after a whole afternoon of eating, drinking and playing, they are transported back under the care of the breeder from the venue, with access to all the essentials during their travel back home.