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Contact us today for workplace yoga classes & programs to create a mindful office space, and teach employees how to do exercises at their desks to distress and rejuvenate.

All sessions are taught by certified professionals to increase flexibility, energy and mental focus of your staff in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Ready to empower & engage your employees?

Corporate yoga services trusted by the world’s best

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Corporate yoga made simple

Yoga instructor teaching a class

We design our corporate yoga programs to achieve your company’s goal

Creating win-win collaboration with employers is one of our favorite things to do. We start with a free consultation call with you to identify what your company goal is and work together to design a well-integrated wellness program to achieve that goal. Most prevalent goals we are seeing include reducing healthcare cost, improve employees’ overall health, help employees manage stress and changes, as well as decrease employee absenteeism.

This free consultative call allows our team to keep your goal as our #1 priority and customize a program to suit the current adopted workplace schedule, culture, office layout and budget. Did we mention how flexible we are?

Corporate yoga instructor teaching a class
Young woman practicing office yoga on a rooftop in Toronto

Our yoga classes are tailored to your employee’s needs

Besides creating a fun, engaged and enjoyable yoga class, the class’s #1 mission is to cater to the needs of your employees of all body type, gender, age, fitness and flexibility level. The needs can be mobility, flexibility, relaxation, mediation, balance, strengthening or balancing. Even if it is a combination of these or all of them in one single class, we take pride in our teacher’s capability to teach a sequence that meets all your employees’ needs.

Experienced corporate yoga teachers from our training program are also professional in the art of packaging students’ needs [what they truly need for their wellness] within what they want [what they think they need]; this is what set our experienced teachers apart from newly graduated teachers.

Yoga class in the office setting

We make the most of the office space available

We understand that the company space is designed for the performance of your employees and the productivity of them as a team, not for holding fitness classes. Since our belief is that yoga can be taught and practiced anywhere, you will find our team to be as innovative with spaces available to them as they are flexible in them.

Observe smart office yoga class in session: conducted around boardroom tables, in lobbies, along the hallway, with chairs in line or simply right at the desk. Being flexible is part of our business – we can work in any space, so you can enjoy the benefit without stressing about other things.

Corporate yoga class in the office setting
A group of individuals during the corporate yoga class

We come to you. No chaos. No delays. No excuses.

You focus on your business performance and we focus on your employee’s wellness. Give us a time and place and we will there to adapt yoga, pilates, yoga-lates and meditation to your industry, group, time and space. If your workplace is completely new to a wellness program , our team will not only help with the program design, but your team can also count on us to support you all the way from planning, internal communication, coordination, measuring and tracking, to celebrating and appreciating your employees for your investment in their health.

Yoga class in the office setting

Would you like to host a Puppy Yoga class at your office?

If your company is looking for a unique yoga experience then Yoga Kawa’s got exactly what you are looking for!

We offer Puppy Yoga classes to our corporate clients. As your employees try to focus on their practice and breathing, smiles and laughs are inevitable, when the little fluffy one’s nibble on their feet, mats or hair. Sometimes, it is just all “aww” ‘s gazing at them lazing around and making adorable yawns. There’s really no better to help your employees relax and unwind, We promise they’ll love your for it!

We’ll let you in on a secret – we don’t think that they’ll come out to the class for the yoga part of the puppy yoga experience…

Yoga class in the office setting

Yoga Kawa’s promise

If you’re not satisfied, we are not satisfied

Fun classes, friendly environment, professional instructors and refreshed employees, every single time. We want you to be completely satisfied with every program designed by us. Period! If you are not satisfied with our 1st class, whether it’s the experience or the result of it, simply let us know and we won’t expect you to pay. (But we would appreciate a note describing why you weren’t satisfied so we can improve the next time). That’s our commitment and guarantee to you, so that you can choose us with confidence!

All our teachers are certified

Instructors & teachers from Yoga Kawa are all certified to teach their passion as a professional, not as a mere hobby. Whether it’s our Yoga teacher or Pilates instructor, they are coupled with up-to-date First Aid & CPR certifications as well.

All Yoga teachers from Yoga Kawa are experienced teachers with a minimum of a 200-hour certification from highly esteemed Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) programs, such as Yoga Kawa’s own Yoga Teacher Training.

Proper teacher insurance coverage

We’ve got you covered! Our teachers and instructors are independent contractors for your business. 

They carry the coverage type that will protect against risks inherent to Yoga and Pilates instructions, including bodily injuries, property damages and legal claims.

Neither you nor our teachers have to worry about anything else beside moving your business forward with our stress-free win-win program.

Student Testimonials

Our Yoga Students Love Us

“Even though I was trying Yoga for the first time, I found the breathing exercises to be helpful in making me feel relaxed. The partner exercise helped alleviate the tightness in my neck and shoulders from being hunched over my computer. The instructor was encouraging and provided direction in a way that didn’t feel rushed. This is a yoga session that I would definitely recommend to all my colleagues.”

Eamon Wild

B2B Sales Professional

“After the yoga session, I felt calm, energized and in charge. I worked with a much clearer mind and was able to work smoother and more efficiently.

I have always believed in the importance of blocking time at work for a guided yoga session. The instructor was capable and motivating, a 10 out of 10! We need a yoga session at work more than once a week!”

Naz S.

Customer Success Professional

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Ready to empower & engage your employees?

Companies have long known that a healthy worker is a productive worker. So how does having yoga classes onsite at your company help with the company’s bottom line?

Well, when you have an effective and fun employee wellness program integrated in the workplace, you’ll see happier & healthier workforce, higher satisfaction in customer experience, and better team collaboration.

Ready to empower & engage your employees?