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Yoga Instructor Jobs

Part-Time & Full-Time Contract Opportunities

We are currently seeking out amazing, motivated, and high energy yoga instructors to teach classes to our residential and corporate clients.

If you are a yoga teacher who wants to further develop your own teaching, practice, and career while sharing yoga with the kind & grateful students then we’d like to hear from you!

Who We’re Looking For

Teaching classes

  1. Experienced teaching adults in a group environment.
  2. Outgoing and energetic personality.
  3. Delivers engaging and empowering yoga classes to ensure clients are satisfied with their yoga experience and remain motivated to attain their personal goals.
  4. Monitors and connects to students during classes by educating and inspiring them on breath and personal sensation.
  5. Listens to members, answers questions, and engages in conversations with students before and after classes.
  6. Leads inspiring and educational classes.
  7. Practices & teaches safe postures.
  8. Has a broad vocabulary and is non scripted.

Work ethic

  1. Pro-active with seeing a need and filling a need, inside class and outside of class.
  2. Proven track records of reliability, professionalism and good work ethic.
  3. Punctual and prepared to give 100% at each class.

Personal & professional growth

  1. Open to feedback & recommendations from senior teachers.
  2. You are committed to your personal & professional growth.
  3. Practice a minimum 1 class per week at Yoga Kawa.
  4. ​Committed to supporting others to shine & grow.

Work Eligibility

It is a requirement for applicants to be eligible to work in Canada. Yoga Kawa considers you eligible to work in Canada if you:

  1. Are a Canadian citizen, or
  2. Are a permanent resident of Canada, or
  3. Hold current and valid authorization (i.e. work permit) under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act​ (Canada) to engage in employment within the practice of the profession.

Echo Wang, Founder & Lead Instructor, teaching puppy yoga in Toronto