Beyond Relaxation. Access deep thinking, creativity & courage

Immersive Guided Meditation

  • Experience pragmatic and science based approach to soothe and engaged the mind
  • Feel at ease and get comfortable with encouraging and experienced teacher
  • Sessions tailored to your unique workplace culture and team – one-off classes or progressive program
  • Mindfulness meditation or guided meditation sessions ranging from 30 to 90 minutes with classes for every level
  • Unlimited inspiration and wellness, in person, online, group or private one-on-one
  • Feel the energy of the yoga studio without leaving the comfort of your own home


Why choose meditation with Yoga Kawa


Our meditation classes are unique, immersive, relatable and easy to follow

Designed for the modern workforce

The modern workforce is tech-savvy and enjoys digital transformation. To match, we deliver clear, professional, unique and immersive experience across all popular video communication platforms. Our teachers are relatable, friendly and knowledgeable who can make a group session feel personalized. We make our classes efficient, accessible and empowering.

Avoid Burnout & Anxiety

Your rockstar employees are vital to the future of your organization, taking better care of them as your organization becomes more digitalized is a smart move. With the tech boom comes a hurricane of notifications, messages and pings from laptop, smartphones and wearable tech. This actually puts your rockstars in a continuous low-level anxious state that becomes prolonged and excessive stress. Let us bring relaxing sessions that help calm their sympathetic nervous system.

Access Problem Solving & Creativity

If we shared with you that a wandering mind in a contemplative environment can be good for creativity, would you not agree? The visualization technique in our meditation sessions offers the students a way to get unstuck from old unproductive habits and routine and allow exploration for creative and inventive thinking.

Encourage Judgement Free Culture & Empathy

Working and interacting with people can bring out the fear of being judged and ostracized. With social media, it’s never been easier to judge others and ourselves. Our mindfulness classes give our students the opportunity to openly observe fear and criticism towards self and others and navigate towards empathy and acceptance.

Improve Memory & Deep thinking to offset Cognitive Offloading

The amount of information to consume never decreases anymore. Even though devices started off as an assistant to reduce usage of the everyday memory, but now with our reliance on search engines and the internet, our memory formation, deep learning and intellectual confidence have been impeded. To help, our teachers use meditation sessions to guide students into contemplation to foster deep thinking and improve memory.


Discover Meditation With Yoga Kawa

All (wo)men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone, said Blaise Pascal, a French philosopher. Even though it was said in the 1600’s but it still strikes true after four centuries. With Yoga Kawa’s guided meditation, we will help each and every one enjoy sitting quietly in the comfort of every living room of our students.

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