Yoga Kawa Named Top Corporate Wellness Services Company in Canada 2024

TORONTO, April 22, 2024 – Yoga Kawa, a leading provider of corporate wellness programs, has been recognized as the Top Corporate Wellness Services Company in Canada by Manage HR Magazine.

This recognition was awarded to Yoga Kawa for their dedication to improving workplace productivity and promoting employee well-being through innovative wellness initiatives. Their mission is to empower employees to transform their way of thinking using love, compassion, and appreciation.

As a testament to this goal, Yoga Kawa’s most popular programs are those that include your favorite fur companions, such as puppy yoga, kitten yoga, and dog team building sessions. The aim is to create a calming and enjoyable experience for their participants.

“We aspire to bring mindfulness across the globe and enrich lives by fostering happiness and health,” says Echo Wang, Yoga Kawa’s lead trainer and Founder. “We believe that joyous and thriving individuals unite to achieve greatness.”

Studies have shown that having pets around can calm the mind and open people’s hearts, contributing to the success of Yoga Kawa’s programs. They also encourage humans to be more socially responsible and empathic, which are traits that are very important to have in office environments.

“We personally visit the breeders to ensure the puppies are well cared for in spacious, hygienic environments,” affirms Scott Gabdullin, Canadian entrepreneur and Yoga Kawa co-founder. “Our partner breeders are passionate about finding perfect homes for their puppies and would take them back if the new homes don’t work out.”

The fur companion sessions have helped companies see consistent attendance in their corporate wellness programs.

Moreover, while Yoga Kawa does offer fixed corporate wellness packages, they have a range of wellness programs tailored to meet the specific needs of its clients.

For example, one of their clients requested a puppy yoga event with more “festive vibes,” and a team building component; Yoga Kawa responded by incorporating an easy obstacle course with puppies in the session. It allows the employees not only to relax but also to have fun and develop a sense of unity. At the same time, the puppies learned discipline and orders through loving cheers and yummy treats.

The company’s ability to customize its offerings has made it a preferred choice for companies looking to promote employee wellness and engagement.

Yoga Kawa also offers wellness programs without the puppies and kittens, usually in the form of educational workshops, team-building exercises, and corporate yoga and fitness classes.

“I found the breathing exercises to be helpful in making me feel relaxed. The partner exercise helped alleviate the tightness in my neck and shoulders from being hunched over my computer,” Eamon Wild, one of their corporate yoga participants, shared.

Each program is meticulously crafted after assessing client goals, analyzing the effects of past wellness initiatives, and understanding the current stress levels of employees.

Yoga Kawa’s goal has always been to improve overall health and help people manage stress and decrease absenteeism in the workspace.

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