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Adorable puppy yoga

As you try to focus on your practice and breathing, smiles and laughs are inevitable when the little fluffy one’s nibble on your feet, mats or hair. 

Adorable puppy yoga

As you try to focus on your practice and breathing, smiles and laughs are inevitable when the little fluffy one’s nibble on your feet, mats or hair.

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Why puppy yoga is awesome

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We bring the puppies, you bring the smiles!

Woman doing yoga in the wilderness

Before you buy your ticket, we must warn you…

Our classes are full of fun giggles. Our instructor Echo kicks off a class with a light warning: “The puppies will nibble on you, they will bite your toes, but you signed a waiver, so…”

Woman doing yoga in the wilderness

We will let you in on a secret…

We don’t think that people are paying for the yoga part of the puppy yoga experience….

AND that’s totally fine with us, we love those puppies ourselves and can never keep our eyes and hands away from the little fluffy miracles running around.

Woman doing yoga in the wilderness
Woman doing yoga in the wilderness

You will never forget this class

We promise you’ll have amazing time in our puppy yoga classes and even maybe an unforgetable bonding experience with one of the little ones. They’ll crawl all over, take naps on your feet and melt your heart – you’ll never forget this class.

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Relaxation yoga and fun Interaction with these happy, innocent, and sentient puppies are a perfect way to spend the day, whether it’s for your own yoga practice, spending time with friends, parents who are looking for different way to connect with their young ones, or deep bonding for couples in love.

Smile and giggles always echo throughout the class!

Adorable Puppies + Yoga

More reasons to attend our puppy yoga class

Smiles All Around

As you try to focus on your practice and breathing, smiles and laughs are inevitable, when the little fluffy one’s nibble on your feet, mats or hair. Sometimes, it is just all “aww” ‘s gazing at them lazing around and making adorable yawns.

Instagram Starzzzzz

Yes, you guessed it right – phones are allowed in this yoga class! We will help every single one to take memorable photos with these cut fluff balls. They will be just as a good as a model as you and will love to take all sorts of silly photos that you cannot help but to share with your friends!

Puppies Love It Too

It’s about the puppies too! The puppies are our guests during their socialization period, and you and the yoga class will be part of their gentle learning for new experiences, environment, smell and people. With your positive interaction and cuddles, it will sure make positive difference in their perception of the world. Thanks to you, they become happy, confident and well-adjusted companions for their next loving home!

100% Pup Cuddles Guaranteed

These fluffy cuties may be running around with full energy during the yoga class, but everyone gets a cuddle from the adorable puppies and memories to take away before saying goodbye!

Throw Away Your Worries

Unwind and forget your worries as you spend time and pet these adorable pups. Go away, throw away your worries, science has proved it! These pups’ enthusiasm and innocence are infectious and will help you become more optimistic and less preoccupies with everyday mundaneness and worries.  

Release Happy Hormones

Every minute of stroking the puppy equals to thousands of “feel good” hormones released! Okay, not thousands, but it’s definitely more than you think! Interacting with puppies is powerful in helping to release serotonin, prolactin, oxytocin, etc, the same chemical found in us when we are in love!

About Our Puppies

Glad you made it to this section of the page, we are delighted that you are interested in attending our puppy yoga classes and want to know more. Many of you who attend are animal and puppy lovers and we understand that you may have some questions about our little friends.

In our classes, the puppies are our #1 priority.

We work with licensed breeders who are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. These breeders also appreciate the puppy yoga events as opportunities to socialize their puppies for developing good behaviors. Our fluffy friends are carefully chosen so that they are at a healthy stage of development and would be comfortable to interact with humans.

When our furry friends are invited to participate, they would have already been micro chipped, de-wormed, vaccinated and between the age of 3.5 months and 1 year. What else? Because of the importance of bio security of the puppy is paramount to the wellness of our furry friends, the classrooms are cleaned prior their entry with safe chemicals that are in alignment with the bio security measure as per the breeder.

The puppies will be under constant care and supervision from the breeder and our onsite event managers to ensure students pet, play and cuddle safely with the puppies. At the same time, puppies have a constant access to the essentials – food, water, toys, means to relief themselves. (Well, they are puppies, so sometimes, they will make ‘accidents’..but our managers and the breeder will help with the clean up!). Lastly, after a whole afternoon of eating, drinking and playing, they are transported back under the care of the breeder from the venue, with access to all the essentials during their travel back home.