Unleash Joy and Relaxation with Every Pose

Private Puppy Yoga Events

Prepare for a heartwarming and rejuvenating journey where yoga meets the playful spirit of puppies in a private setting perfect for friends, family, or special occasions. Experience the ultimate blend of relaxation, laughter, and adorable puppy interactions that promise to leave everyone with a smile.


Why private puppy yoga events are awesome

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Paw’s Up if you are ready for one of the best days, ever?

Why choose Private Puppy Yoga

  • Personalized Sessions: Tailor-made to fit the vibe and preferences of your group, ensuring a unique and intimate experience.
  • Science-Backed Benefits: Just like our corporate sessions, enjoy the stress-reducing and mood-boosting effects of puppy interaction, now in a more personal setting.
  • Deepen Bonds: Perfect for special gatherings, birthdays, or simply a unique day out, puppy yoga strengthens connections and creates lasting memories.
  • Compassion and Care: Engage in gentle yoga practices surrounded by the loving presence of puppies, fostering a sense of compassion and joy.
  • Contribute to a Greater Cause: Hosting a private event supports puppy socialization and contributes to our charity efforts towards animal welfare.

Your private event, tailored for memories

Whether celebrating a milestone, seeking a novel retreat, or just looking to spend quality time with loved ones, our private puppy yoga events are customizable to ensure an exclusive and memorable experience. From the setting to the flow of the session, every detail is considered to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Experience the magic of Puppy Yoga in your private circle

  • Customizable Packages: Choose from various options to create the perfect yoga experience for your group.
  • All-inclusive Experience: Enjoy a worry-free event with all amenities and details handled by our experienced team, including yoga mats, puppy playtime, and relaxation.
  • Expert Guidance: Led by certified yoga instructors and accompanied by the sweetest puppies, ensure a safe, enjoyable, and therapeutic session.

Giving back with every pose

Continuing our mission, a portion of proceeds from each private event goes towards supporting local animal shelters and ensuring the wellbeing of our furry friends. Embrace the joy of giving back while indulging in the bliss of puppy yoga.

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