Praise & Good Vibes

“Yoga with echo is like [having] gelato for dessert; good for the body and soul.”


Corporate Yoga Testimonials

“Even though I was trying Yoga for the first time, I found the breathing exercises to be helpful in making me feel relaxed. The partner exercise helped alleviate the tightness in my neck and shoulders from being hunched over my computer. The instructor was encouraging and provided direction in a way that didn’t feel rushed. This is a yoga session that I would definitely recommend to all my colleagues.”
Eamon Wild
B2B Sales Professional
“After the yoga session, I felt calm, energized and in charge. I worked with a much clearer mind and was able to work smoother and more efficiently. I have always believed in the importance of blocking time at work for a guided yoga session. The instructor was capable and motivating, a 10 out of 10! We need a yoga session at work more than once a week!”
Naz S.
Customer Success Professional
“During the session, I found I was a lot more relaxed than I normally was at work. After the session my muscles felt very loose and relaxed. I loved every single part of the session. It is so helpful that the office allows a time dedicated to us to stretch and relax. The instructor was also very awesome, but I wish the session was longer! ”
Jen S.
Billing Supervisor
“The sessions provided both mental and physical benefits that you can feel by simply stretching (taught properly by the instructor). The impact on both energy and muscle tension improved. It is greatly beneficial for mental health too, as you can feel the immediate release of pressure and become more focused. Having a time dedicated to this is so important. The instructor was very knowledgeable and engaging making the session fun, comfortable for all of the attendees, regardless of their experience level. Most importantly, her energy was lovely! Hoping the session can be more frequent!”
Liliana G.
Project Coordinator
“Yesterday I finally attended a yoga class offered by my company and to my surprise, Echo was my instructor. She started us off with some relaxing stretches and poses and made sure that we set our intentions before we proceeded any further. I normally attend Moksha hot yoga and this class was different. We focused a lot on stretching, strengthening, posture and stability. The poses were challenging but rewarding. Echo is very patient with each of her students and offers variations depending on your level. She’s attentive and offers her insight on how we should pursue each pose. You could tell she’s done this a lot and is very experienced. I look forward to attending more of her classes! ”
Valerie N.
Payroll Administrator
“From the session I felt really good, I can’t believe how it helped with the cold I was starting to get! I enjoyed the stretches over the table on the chair, tilt head back, all of it! Blocking time for yoga session at work is so important, I think it helps us continue our work day be more alert and energized. I was really impressed with the teacher’s instruction; it felt soothing and really relaxed me! Definitely a 10 out of 10 class! ”
Pina L.
Cash Application Supervisor

Condo Yoga Testimonials

“Echo is not a yoga teacher. She is the mentor who will guide you from a regular practice to a deeper and more meaningful life experience. Her boundless love for people combined with her exceptional intuition make her a true master of this ancient art.”
Interior Design
“Thank you for your consistent, positive energy during the yoga classes, Echo. They were an absolute gem and are to be missed. Any company would be foolish to not keep your teaching.”
David R.
“From the regular practice with Echo, I gained a lot more clarity and balance., I also feel lighter and crave healthier choices. Investing in taking care of my health is priceless; learning to stay committed to the right priorities such as going to yoga makes a phenomenal difference! There is amazing boost in self respect and great learning to prioritize what boosts quality of my life inside out. Couldn’t start in a more better place than yoga for balance of mind, body and soul. Echo is awesome!!! Great quality instruction with soothing tone of voice is important especially one that also has a friendly and authentic lovely kind personality and positive energy; you really can’t fake authenticity with people. Her session is 12 out of 10!”
Selina P.
“With Echo’s instruction, my yoga practice has greatly improved. She focuses on what we are hoping to achieve with our practice and pushes us to reach further each class – yet she respects us, our bodies and capabilities, and makes us feel safe. She reminds us to breathe, teaches us the ‘why’ behind the poses, and she is, quite simply, just a good soul and lovely human being. I look forward to our class each week, and always leave her classes feeling renewed, soothed, and ready for the days ahead. Thanks, Echo!”
Sarah L.
Program Manager
“It was pleasure practicing yoga with Echo for 4 years. We had a great experience each time which we never had before, including the support and guidance. We hope we can have another chance to practice in Echo’s class one day again. My husband and I won’t forget her energy and passion for teaching yoga.”
Maryam S.
Electrical Designer
“Yoga class with Echo is the highlight of my week. I have reignited my love for yoga after 5 years when I stepped into Echo’s class. She helped me discover my strength, motivation and passion for my health again.”
Nadia M.
“Yoga with Echo is like [having] gelato for dessert; good for the body and soul.”
Simon C.
School Teacher
“Echo is an excellent instructor and motivator. Lots of individual attention.”
Trade Associate Leader
“Echo’s classes are fun, interactive and high energy. She encourages to practice mindfully and gradually increase body strengths. Awesome experience!”
Ada Poon