Discover yoga from the comfort of your living room

Virtual corporate yoga

  • Feel attended to your best self with live encouragement from passionate & experienced instructors
  • Yoga sessions range from 30 to 90 minutes with classes for every level
  • Unlimited motivation and wellness, all delivered virtually
  • Feel the energy of the yoga studio without leaving the comfort of your own home

Why corporate yoga is awesome

Corporate yoga services trusted by the world's best


We bring the virtual fun, your employees bring the mats!

Your employess are rockstars. Treat them accordingly.

Creating a culture conducive to attracting and keeping top talent takes a lot of effort. We are here to help.

We’re on a quest to bring yoga to every living room in the country and in the process, make your workplace attractive to the best of the best. So let’s partner up!

Flexibility at your employees’ fingertips

We focus on guiding your teams through yoga routines and poses while helping them stay calm during a hectic time.

We want each yoga session to be an opportunity to de-stress and feel good about yourself.

The entire family is welcome to join … at no additional cost

Virtual yoga is not the same as an in-person class.

No, most definitely not.

It feels more intimate: cats and dogs wander in and out of the frame, children dart through, and your employees are welcome show up in their pajamas.

Puppies too! Our virtual classes are dog-friendly

Aw, yes! Virtual yoga class is a fantastic way for your employees to bond with their adorable others, especially when they do assisted poses working together, as partners.

This can help their dogs learn how to trust their owners and strengthen an already special bond.

Plus, your employees don’t have to feel bad about leaving their puppies behind anymore … the class is right in their living room.

Endless ways for your employees to stay inspired & motivated

It is our job as employers to empower our people to appreciate how strong they are, and how to protect that strength by staying positive.

Let’s work together to inspire & motivate your best talent during this hectic time!

And all of that in the comfort of a living room

Our classes require no special equipment. Everything is taught via Zoom app.

As long as your employees have connection to the Internet, they’ll be able to enjoy the enormous flow of positive energy that our instructors bring to each and every session.


Ready to empower & engage your employees?

Contact us today for workplace yoga classes & programs to create a mindful home office space, and teach employees how to do exercises at home to de-stress and rejuvenate. All sessions are taught by certified professionals to increase flexibility, energy and mental focus of your staff in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Ready to empower & engage your employees?

Corporate yoga services trusted by the world's best