Yoga Teacher Training Toronto

The only Yoga Teacher Training (200-hours) program made exclusively to help you succeed in the highly crowded yoga market.

  • No need to take time off work! The course is taught on the weekends.
  • Upon completion, you are eligible for Yoga Alliance certificate. Join the largest yoga community in the world!
  • By taking the teacher training courses, you are eligible to claim an applicable tax credit.
  • YTT program promotional pricing of $2,500 ($3,000 value)
  • 4-Hour Business of Yoga training included with the course ($300 value)
  • 8-Hour Mentorship Program included with the program ($480 value)

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You Are In Good Company

“Echo is not a yoga teacher. She is the mentor who will guide you from a regular practice to a deeper and more meaningful life experience. Her boundless love for people combined with her exceptional intuition make her a true master of this ancient art.”
Interior Designer

​​Why teacher training programs by Yoga Kawa?

Yoga Kawa’s 200 Hour Teacher Training (YTT) uses an esteemed program that is rated 5-star on Yoga Alliance. It is to be experienced with in a group setting (no more than 20 students) that creates authentic connection and personal attention.

This dynamic Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program is harmoniously coupled with 4-hour training on Business of Yoga and an additional 8-hour Mentorship program to bridge the gap between YTT and real teaching.

Top quality teachers who graduate from the program with high achievement will have access to teaching opportunities. We are committed to connecting top quality teachers with meaningful placements that will allow them to shine.

​​We’re there for you at every step of the way

Excited yet nervous about becoming a yoga teacher? One of Yoga Kawa’s priorities is to create a safe and inclusive environment for you to experience self-reflection and introspection.

Included in your program tuition is the 8-hours Business Mentorship program available upon graduation to help equip you with the knowledge to succeed! It is designed to refine your professionalism and expose you to essential business and marketing skills, allowing you to thrive in the yoga marketplace.

Certified teachers who finish with a high level of success in our grading system will also be offered teaching opportunities allowing them to shine with our corporate and condo clients!

How to become a yoga instructor

Step 1: Register with Yoga Kawa teacher training program

Registration is a simple process! Simply fill out a few questions to tell us a bit more about yourself, your journey, your why’s and your goals as an aspiring yoga teacher. Upon registration, you will have access to our application form.

Step 2: Make a refundable deposit with your yoga teacher training application

Start with the application form to share in more detail about your background, experience and aspiration for our team to better understand how you will be a great fit and succeed from our program. During application submission there is a $100 deposited require, which will simply be applied towards your course tuition if you are accepted into the class. Otherwise, 100% of the deposit will be refunded.

Step 3: Connect & confirm your acceptance with the lead trainer

The Yoga Kawa YTT program is designed for small and intimate group of 10 students, therefore it is a purposeful selection from all applicants we receive. Once selected, you will receive formal communication (email/text/call) to confirm your acceptance to the teacher training program from the lead trainer. Feel free to connect with the lead trainer one-on-one over phone to ask any additional questions you may have.

Step 4: Complete 14 weeks training

Throughout the 14 weeks and beyond, expect to cultivate a vibrant body, sharp mind, and soft heart. Besides diving deep into the how and why of yoga, you will learn to embrace an open attitude of always being a student of yoga in all aspects of your life, as well as deeply understanding your own energy and that of others.

Your lead instructor will be there every step of the way to inspire and elevate you further in your practice. Upon graduation, you will receive the Yoga Alliance certification and you will be qualified and comfortable to start teaching.

Step 5: Practice teaching with other yoga teachers in training

From the 14-weeks training, you gain great understanding of the magnificent tool and how to embrace the tool, the tool that is yoga. Upon graduation is when you begin your learning of how to effectively incorporate it in your life and share it in classes.

Only when you exercise yoga in self-discovery and self-practice, the uniqueness of your own personal evolution is how your philosophy and style will take direction and form the qualities of a great yoga instructor.

We will be organizing classes for you to observe, assist teach, and practice teach, these will include simulation classes with your peers, paid scheduled classes and community classes for the mass public. The real first step to become a teacher!

Step 6: Learn the business of yoga (included in your training tuition)

How do you define success in your career as a yoga instructor? After the 200 hour yoga teacher training program, Yoga Kawa includes a 4-hour session that expose you to income options in the health & wellness market for yoga teachers. Whether you want to continue to fuel your passion by opening a studio, creating your own brand online or side hustling as an independent contractor, gain advice from business savvy yogi’s on how to get started.

Step 7: Enroll in the mentorship (included in your tuition)

Yoga Kawa’s teacher training programs includes an additional 8 hours of mentorship training to bridge the gap between theory and practice. During your mentorship training, you’ll have the opportunity to focus & improve on any yoga techniques you’d like.

The first 4 hours of training are completed in one-on-one setting with your instructor and the other 4 hours are done in a semi-private group setting.

Mentorship program is optional to all students. It is, however, already included with your Yoga Kawa certification at no additional cost to you ($480 value). All students are highly recommended to take advantage of the program to further improve & enhance their skills in teaching yoga.

This is a chance to refine your visible presence in the class as a teacher – sequencing, verbal instructions, verbal cues, adjustments, messaging and professional. Students who successfully attain high achievements during the course & mentorship program will be sought out for teaching placements with Yoga Kawa’s clients.

Step 8: Teach your first class as a certified yoga teacher

Take all that you have learned and bring it all together! Design your first-class sequence and practice it yourself to perfect it. Remember that your lead trainer from Yoga Kawa is with you through the journey. Connect with the lead trainer 2 days before your first class to review and refine your sequence together. Go forth, smile, teach and shine! Circle back with the Lead Trainer to share your success and ask any further questions you have. Take this success process, practice and repeat!

Yoga Kawa’s Special Offer

200-Hour YTT Classroom Training
($3,000 value)


4-Hour Business of Yoga Training
($300 value)


8-Hour Mentorship Program
($480 value)


Teacher Training FAQ

Study with Yoga Kawa and enjoy the advantages of learning with a group of 20 or less to experience the power of authentic connection and provide personal attention to your experience and needs.

We are delighted to offer the highly rated Ambassador YTT Program (5-stars on Yoga Alliance) that is intended for spirited and passionate individuals. Taught by the lead trainer with 2000+ hours of teaching experience and an established business background, Yoga Kawa offers a dynamic and balanced YTT course that meshes a trainee’s passion for yoga practice with practical business and marketing knowledge.

After graduation, we are dedicated to connecting top-quality teachers amongst the graduates with teaching opportunities where the new teacher’s aptitude and light can be shared and appreciated the most.

Our YTT course is harmoniously coupled with 12 Hours of business coaching to help ensure your success.

The salary for yoga teachers depends on the hourly rate and the number classes they get hired to teach. The pay scale for a yoga teacher, like most jobs, varies based on factors like city, teacher’s experience, and teaching specialties.

Also key is the local supply and demand. There are many styles of yoga and demand for them vary by popularity. The average starting wage for a newly-trained teacher in Toronto ranges from around $30 at a non-franchised yoga studio or gym to around $40 at a nationally-franchised yoga studio. These wages are for one-hour classes and they increase yearly as teachers become more experienced and popular, usually up to a maximum of around $70.

With more experience comes being hired for more classes. Next, you can branch out to private and corporate yoga, where hourly rates range from $50 to $100. These are frequently-seen rates for teachers who teach for Yoga Kawa or find opportunity through us.

While there is no regulation on who can teach yoga or not, but if you are serious about building a solid career or business as a Yoga Alliance certified teacher, it is highly recommended that you go through a YTT course from an established teacher training school to complete your certification. The proper training allows you to get the necessary insurance that will protect you, your students and your business.

The most basic level of certification is a 200 Hour program and is offered through yoga schools. Yoga Kawa is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS) that offers the 200-hour YTT course, where the certification is also referred to as Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200.

Our teacher trainings cover techniques, anatomy, physiology, philosophy, teaching methodologies and actual practicum which total 200 hours of preparation for you to become a certified instructor. There’s no requirement for every trainee to become a teacher after the course. Students who join the teacher training will experience tremendous personal development and discovery.

The self-reflection and introspection are commonly the initial drive and the end-goal that ignited the students’ decision to enroll in the program, which they find invaluable and a cherished treasure.

Our YTT course gives you strong fundamental of yoga techniques that will prepare you to teach (Hot) Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hot Power Flow, Yin and Restorative yoga classes. With the strong foundation and knowledge you received from your YTT program with us, you will be well-prepared to learn other certifications such as prenatal or kids yoga.

Our YTT course tuition includes 200 of best yoga in-class training hours with the trainer in a group no bigger than 20 people, which mean you will have personal attention supporting your growth. You will receive four training manuals that are well-crafted, comprehensive and detailed to guide you along the course.

The 200 hours focus on the how and why of yoga through teaching you the techniques, anatomy, physiology, philosophy, teaching methodologies and constructing actual practicum.

At the end of the fundamental training, a 4-hour class dedicated to business of yoga is available for those who want to apply and share what they have learned as a teacher. In addition, another 8-hour of mentorship course is available for serious teachers to further polish their teaching skills and business skills required to thrive in their teaching career.

The four manuals are, The Enlightened Life, the Anatomy of a Healthy Life, Finding Calm in an Age of Speed, Past Present and Future of Yoga.

All together, a value of $3,780 at an introductory promotional price of $2,500. This is only for a limited time.

Teacher trainings are for everyone who is passionate about yoga, inspired to create a richer, yogic lifestyle for themselves and others and want to teach on their own. The Yoga community is inclusive and welcomes people of all shapes, sizes and abilities.

There’s no requirement for every trainee to become a teacher after the program. Almost all students who join the teacher-training program will experience tremendous personal discovery and development due to the program. Deeper self-reflection and introspection are the common initial drive and the end-goal that ignited the students’ decision to enroll in the program, which they find invaluable and a cherished treasure.

Or if you are serious about building a business as a yoga teacher or starting your own studio it is highly recommended that you go through YTT from an established school to complete your certification. The proper teacher trainings allow you to get the necessary insurance to protect you, your students and your business.

The most basic level of certification is a 200-Hour program and is offered through yoga schools. We are a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS) that offers the 200-hour YTT, where the certification is also referred to as Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200.

The average cost is $3,500 for a group as large as 25 students at a time.

Yoga Kawa offers its YTT at $2,500 and trains a group up to 20 students in a class, so that students can receive more personal and customized attention for their learning and be better prepared to teach yoga on their own.

On top of the training, Business of Yoga class and Mentorship program are also included in your tuition for serious teachers to take advantage of, a value of $780!

All together, a value of $3,780 at an introductory promotional price of $2,500. This is only for a limited time.

We are delighted to offer the highly rated Ambassador YTT Program (5-stars on Yoga Alliance) for spirited and passionate individuals. It is structured and designed to launch you onto the path of mindful living with an appreciation and sense of gratitude towards life and those around you.

It is also an innovative and inspiring process that will prepare you for a full time or part time career within the yoga community. The training consists of 4 modules of 50 hours of learning each.

  • Module 1: The Enlightened Life, covers the foundational philosophy of the Yamas & Niyamas and the Sutras of Patanjali
  • Module 2: Anatomy of a Healthy Life, explores the anatomical aspects of classical postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama).
  • Module 3: Finding Calm in an Age of Speed, offers classical postures and meditation in gentle and restorative ways that balance Chakras as well.
  • Module 4: Past, Present and Future of Yoga, embraces the roots of yoga and the many practical applications of the modern Yogi.

You Are In Good Company

“I love working with Echo as a yoga teacher. Her passion for yoga matches mine and she is a great employer and a joy to work with. Teaching yoga is my life - I enjoy helping people to relax, rewind and distress from the issues in their lives. As we all know the issues are in our tissues and yoga helps to relieve both the issues and the tissues. Echo connected me with a fantastic group of students who understand that and benefited from my teaching regularly. It is for these type of students that make me want to keep on pursuing yoga and yoga teaching”
Bobbi G.
Yoga & Yoga Dance teacher

Course Instructor

After stumbling upon yoga in 2008, Echo discovered yoga as a key to rejuvenation, vitality, and especially mental acuity. Hooked on yoga as her escape from days of fatigue and irritability, she never stopped practicing. After leisurely teaching yoga to tourists on a Goan beach in India, she knew she was ready to deepen her personal practice and take her passion to the next level. After returning to Toronto from her trip, she completed her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification (RYT200).

Being a marketing professional, it is natural for her to share, encourage and distribute the transformative power of yoga through teaching. The focus of her class is on self-awareness by balancing and creating space in the body. This is done through the playful combination of breathing exercises and movements that strengthen the core. Her flowing style allows her students to explore sensation and strength by incorporating smooth and meaningful transitions between postures. All of her sequencing is designed to discover the inner edge by drawing on the breath with willfulness and mindfulness.

She believes in “work hard and play hard” and that yoga gives her the wisdom and energy to choose the right activities at the right time. In the fleeting of the moments, she finds her purpose, priority, productivity and potential. Even almost after a decade and 3000 hours of teaching, you will still hear her sharing that “yoga is one of the best things that has ever happened to my life” with the 300+ students she has had the pleasure to teach. Her yoga students can feel that she teaches with kindness and understanding as she creates classes where students can move and gain self-awareness in a non-judgmental, inclusive and non-competitive space.

Join her in the best Yoga Teacher Training program, pick up the insights from her journey, and perfect the transformation with your own story.

Transform Your Practice, Elevate Your Life

Are you ready to deepen your yoga practice and share your passion with the world? Our Yoga Teacher Training Course in Toronto invites you to explore the ancient wisdom of yoga, refine your practice, and become a beacon of light for others on their wellness journey.

Don’t let another day pass without pursuing your passion. Contact us now to learn more about our Yoga Teacher Training Course in Toronto. Let’s embark on this beautiful journey together.

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